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Oriental Mint by Phaedon

  Today I’m sampling Oriental Mint by Phaedon. With dominant notes of peppermint, tobacco and tolu resin. This one opens with a beautiful mint note at the top, I’m a huge fan of the mint notes in fragrances. This is a peppermint note with depth,… Read More

Autumn 2015 top 10 mens fragrances

So the summer sunshine is long gone, and the weather is getting cooler. Time for a change in your fragrance lineup. As always I’m here to give you all some ideas for the coming months. Once again I found refining my list down to 10… Read More

Top 10 most versatile mens fragrances 2015

Fragrances can be expensive, especially once your nose develops and you start appreciating higher end niche scents. So the smart move would be to own fragrances that you could wear throughout the year, rather than having season specific bottles. Of course that won’t stop me… Read More

New Release – Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot

I’m excited by most new releases from Tom Ford, but this one even more so as I love bergamot fragrances. Venetian Bergamot will released as part of the Tom Ford Private Blend collection. Here’s the note breakdown: Top  – Italian bergamot, Black pepper, Pink pepper, Ginger Mid… Read More

Summer 2015 top 10 mens fragrances

Summer, the time when citrus comes to life and Colognes are unleashed! With so many options it’s hard to know which to go for. Well allow me to give you the options I’m reaching for this summer. I found refining my list down to 10… Read More

New release – Acqua Di Parma Colonia Club

It’s no secret that I love Aqua Di Parma. A brand that puts the image of a Scented Gent in mind. My current favourite from their lineup is Colonia Essenza, but it may have stiff competition soon. This is the new release…Acqua Di Parma Colonia… Read More

New release – Creed Royal Mayfair

Creed have announced that they will be releasing a new fragrance to celebrate the opening of their new London boutique, in Mayfair of course. Now that was an exciting prospect already, but it gets better! Let’s go back in time, to 1936 when Creed was… Read More

Green Irish Tweed, has it been dethroned?

Green Irish Tweed has long been the king of Creeds fragrance lineup. Released in 1985 It has proven to be a true king by remaining current and popular throughout. However in 2010 the new boy started at school. Of course I’m referring to Aventus. Possibly… Read More

Hedione? What? Why?

When I read an article about the late Steve McQueen and the fragrance he wore that contained this magic elixir…Hedione! The effect, turning women on. Too good to be true? Probably! The fragrance in question is Eau Savage by Christian Dior, now regarded a classic… Read More