Hedione? What? Why?

When I read an article about the late Steve McQueen and the fragrance he wore that contained this magic elixir…Hedione! The effect, turning women on. Too good to be true? Probably!

The fragrance in question is Eau Savage by Christian Dior, now regarded a classic in the industry. Let’s not forget though, Steve McQueen would no doubt have great success with women wearing no fragrance at all.

So what is Hedione? Well it’s methyl dihydrojasmonate! What? I have no idea either. I’m assured that it’s a compound that is said to smell like Jasmine. Now believe it or not but apparently the female brain is stimulated by Hedione and releases sex hormones.

Now you and I may not be Steve McQueen, but we can all strive to be like him. Until then, follow me on my fragrance journey of experiences and reviews. Of course I’ll have to include Eau Savage on that list!