Lentisque by Phaedon

Today I’m sampling Lentisque by Phaedon. With notes of mastic/lentisque, vetiver, woodsy notes, cedar, labdanum and galbanum. I was excited to try this one, the house of Phaedon has proved to produce quality fragrances from my previous samples. Unfortunately this one just isn’t hitting the same heights and Tabac Rouge, Rouge Avignon or Oriental Mint. It opens with the unusual note of Lentisque (also know as Mastic) which I wasn’t familiar with, and still aren’t really. It’s very earthy, dry and green. I pick up some sharpness from the vetiver and undertones of the woodsy notes. After around 30 mins the scent settles down, I then mainly get a light green and woodsy fragrance. This lasted around an hour before I suddenly couldn’t smell the fragrance at all. Maybe if I really buried my nose into it and revived it with a breath, but as it stood, gone after 1 hour 30 mins. Maybe it’s my skin, I’ll be interested to hear if any of you have tried this one? In short, this was an unusual but not entirely unpleasant green and subtle fragrance, which could of faired well if it weren’t for terrible performance. Hopefully the rest of the Phaedon line don’t follow suit.