Bayolea by Penhaligons

Today I’m sampling Bayolea by Penhaligons. With dominant notes of lemongrass, lavender, mandarin orange and cedar. My third Penhaligons in a row, and my last for now. This was a blind buy for me, which I try not to do these days. However this time it paid off! I love Bayolea, and it’s now sitting along side my bottle of Sartorial. So how does it smell? This fragrance is all about the lemongrass and lavender for me, however this smells unlike anything I’ve tried before. The lemongrass adds a green element, a kind of faux citrus. Of course there is the mandarin orange and tangerine, which are detectable and add a touch of sweetness. However this fragrance remains fairly tart and dry throughout. After around 30 mins a little more of the mid shines through, with the sandalwood and oak moss blending with the spices of pepper and cardamom. The spices are never overwhelming, and certainly don’t give the same effect as I’ve previously mentioned with Quercus and Platinum Egoiste. This fragrance remains pleasant throughout its life, and feels very much like a gents scent. I also find it has somewhat of a medicinal quality, perhaps that’s coming from the lavender? I think this is somewhat of a throwback to the classic English barbershop fragrance that they’ve reenvisaged here. Penhaligons have created Bayolea to be a grooming range, I’d love to try more of the products. I love the presentation of Penhaligons fragrances. Very quirky, a mix of their heritage and modern design. Performance isn’t on par with Sartorial, but still does well. It projects nicely for a few hours before becoming close to the skin. It does stay around for a good 6-8 hours, more than acceptable for me. Can any of you recommend any other frag from the house of Penhaligons I should try?

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