Quercus by Penhaligons

Today I’m sampling Quercus by Penhaligons. With dominant notes of lemon, lime, jasmine and bergamot. Another day, another Penhaligons fragrance. Unfortunately this one isn’t quite the hit that Sartorial was for me. As soon as I sprayed this I was reminded of another fragrance I didn’t much care for, Platinum Egoiste by Chanel. With both of these fragrances I get an unpleasant spicy citrus scent, that remains nothing but unpleasant throughout the entire opening. I find it difficult to pinpoint which note or notes I dislike, but I really don’t get the fresh scent that so many reviews depict it as. Perhaps it’s just my skin, or maybe it’s a combination citrus, floral and spices that I just don’t care for. Longevity seems pretty average on me today, seemed to die at around the 2 hour mark.