Sartorial by Penhaligons

Today I’m sampling Sartorial by Penhaligons, with dominant notes of lavender, metallic notes, beeswax, leather and woodsy notes.

Sometimes resampling a fragrance can really pay off, I had sampled Sartorial some time back when I was first getting into fragrances, classed as a barbershop fragrance, it was very new to me at the time. I enjoyed it, but I hadn’t yet discovered what I enjoy in my scents. So as of now, I have rediscovered Sartorial, and I love it!

It was created to evoke the smell of a tailors workshop in Saville Row. Does it? No idea, but I’d love to visit if it smells like this! This very much meets my criteria of a gents scent, I picture a mature gent in a sharp suit. But doesn’t it smell like Brut? I haven’t smelled Brut in a very long time, but yeah I can smell some similarity, but come on! Sartorial opens with a blast of metallic notes and aldehydes.

That may sound harsh and abrasive, but I love it! Once the opening dies down, it smooths out into lavender, beeswax and oakmoss. The beeswax is said to resemble the beeswax that the tailors run their thread through to coat it. It adds just a touch of sweetness, but never sways the fragrance anywhere other than masculine. Finally I get vanilla that comes through in the base.

It never becomes sweet though, it blends perfectly into the blend and never stands out on its own. Whilst this evokes the visual of suited gent, and most likely the scent of the boardroom meeting. I personally like to break the norm, as I could easily imagine wearing this in most settings. I feel it could be a versatile scent for the right gent, dressed up or worn casually. I plan on sampling more barbershop style fragrances. I also have another Penhaligons fragrance on its way.

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