Love by Killian

Today I’m sampling Love by Killian. With dominant notes of vanilla, sugar, caramel, neroli and orange blossom.

When will I learn my lesson? Sweet fragrances really aren’t my thing, and this one is sickly. However that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, just not on me.

This opens smelling like the most calorific dessert you’ve ever come across. You get the vanilla, sugar and caramel in one big dose. Then the florals sit just below, with the neroli and orange blossom adding a little freshness. I will say it’s a very smooth scent, that could work perfectly on the right woman.

But for me this is just too sweet and feminine for a gent. Of course all fragrances are unisex until you decide if you can pull it off, but I’ve made my choice. Longevity is excellent and it projected well, these sweet scents always seem to have great performance. So where do you stand on sweet fragrances? Too feminine or can you pull it off?

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  1. skin anthology 24th May 2017 at 3:17 pm

    I am a girl and even for me this is too sweet. Caramel is not a pleasant note for me. Great review