London by Burberry

Today I’m sampling London by Burberry. With dominant notes of tobacco leaf, leather, cinnamon, opoponax and guaiac wood. Occasionally I forget about Burberry London, which is fantastic because I get to rediscover it all over again. Described by many as Christmas in a bottle, this is a fantastic scent for the cooler months. So how does it smell? The tobacco and leather combine to create a warm, masculine and smooth fragrance. The tobacco has a little sweetness to it, as if it’s cherry pipe tobacco. The cinnamon adds a little spice, whilst the guaiac wood and oakmoss adds depth to the composition. Although it’s not listed I get a pine note in this one, which is why many associate it with Christmas. Performance is an issue for many with this one, but it works well for me. Projects well for 1-2 hours, whilst the longevity is 6-8 hours. For this time of year, I’d recommend you all get your nose on this one.

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