L’Etrog Acqua by Arquiste

Today I’m sampling L’Etrog Acqua by Arquiste.

With dominant notes of citron, lime, lemon and myrtle. I’m often wary of lemon dominant fragrances, because so often they can end up smelling unpleasant and lemon furniture polish like.

So how about this one? It’s a good one…..big blast of the citron! It’s a fizzy scent, almost like lemon sherbert to my nose. That may sound unpleasant to many, but it’s not overly sweet or overbearing.

After around 10 mins the myrtle comes through adding a touch of green to the scent, whilst the citron remains throughout. After 30 mins I picked up on the cedar and vetiver, making for a lovely woody dry down. This one is strictly for the citrus lovers, it’s bold and powerful. Performance is excellent on my skin, especially for a citrus scent. Close to room filling projection for 3+ hours and 8+ hours of longevity. I’m intrigued to see what else this house have to offer.