Today I’m sampling CH Men by Carolina Herrera.

With dominant notes of sugar, leather, vanilla, nutmeg and grass. This fragrance has become well hyped in the fragrance community in the last year or so, but how does it smell? It opens with a sweet leather, it’s potent and warm from the vanilla. The nutmeg adds a little spice and the grass note adds green elements to the blend.

This is a very smooth and inviting fragrance that I personally feel lives up to the hype.

Over recent years I don’t tend to wear sweet scents so much, maybe I’m getting old, or maybe I’ve just discovered what I feel comfortable wearing.

Therefore I don’t find myself reaching for this often, it’s still a great scent though. The sweetness however isn’t sickly, it has an earthy quality that keeps it in check.

Performance is right about average for me. It projects well for an hour before settling down, and lasts for 8+ hours on my skin. Many of you may disagree with the hype, but I definitely think it’s worth getting your nose on.

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