Bleu de Chanel Parfum by Chanel


Today I’m sampling Bleu de Chanel Parfum by Chanel.

With dominant notes of sandalwood, cedar, lemon zest, lavender and geranium. I’ve long been a huge proponent of Bleu de Chanel being the most versatile designer release on the market, it’s worked for me in every season and for many occasions.

My experience was with an EDT that performed on my skin like few fragrances do, it has room filling projection and lasted 10+ hours with ease. Then came the EDP, a more rounded and refined experience, that still retained what we loved about the EDT. Now comes the Parfum, further refining the scent into a more mature and personal experience. I liken it to the same song played at different volumes, whilst turning it up loud certainly makes an impact, you’ll be far from relaxed and lose some intricate details.

Bleu de Chanel Parfum takes the scent we all know so well in a dark and mysterious direction, with less emphasis on the citrus and a rich combination of sandalwood and cedar. Gone is the grapefruit and incense combination of the EDT and EDP, replaced by lemon zest giving a touch of tart sharpness to the beautiful combination of sandalwood and cedar. Lavender gives a smooth elegance to the scent, whilst geranium adds a touch of floral spice.

If you’re after a big performing fragrance, than I’d certainly take a look at the EDT, as the Parfum very much stays close to the skin. I got projection of around arms length for 2-3 hours, and longevity of 10+ hours close to the skin.

Many of you will be waiting to know if the Parfum is worth the upgrade over your bottle of the EDT or EDP. My answer is that it depends, a cop out I know. If you’re looking for room filling performance, stick with the EDT. If you’re looking for a more balanced version of the EDT, stick with the EDP. However if you’re looking for a more intimate and mature experience, I encourage you to seek out the Parfum, the scent of my younger years has all grown up.