Wake up and smell the fragrance

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s only natural that we analyse the year gone by and plan for the year ahead. However, Christmas demonstrates to me the power and beauty of unwinding and unplugging. Stick with me, and I’ll explain…

We live in a throw away society, full of fast food, fast fashion and forgettable media. Never has it been more important to find something in life to allows you to switch off, and soley concentrate on one thing. Oh and before you even think about it, phone off! There’ll be no beeps or buzzes here!

Some people seem to go through life without a “thing”, be it a hobby, an interest, or better yet a passion. Something that interests, excites and fills them with childlike happiness which is so important to keep hold of. Some of us are blessed, sometimes cursed to have several of these interests, one of which led me to start this very website.

Items themselves hold little interest for me by themselves, it’s always the accompanying education that really makes them special. I enjoy the occasional cigar, some quiet time by myself or over a conversation with friends. This alone is enjoyable, however once i add the knowledge of finding out more about this particular cigar, where in the world it was grown, which leaves are used, the cigar cutter i use, the lighting procedure. With this knowledge, it opens up a whole new world of appreciation and enjoyment, enhancing the experience.

The love of watches is another that will follow me through life. Whilst many of the high-end pieces I lust over will likely be forever unobtainable to me, I can see the passion and craftsmanship from afar that still has me hooked. Luckily there’s a world of watches that are obtainable to me, and I enjoy the intricate detail that the watch media channels go into. It’s infectious to read about how much attention to detail brands put into the finishing of their cases, the decoration of their movements and the colour choices of their dials. With all this knowledge, I can sit down, look at my watch, and be mesmerised briefly. As I watch the hands gently sweep, and listen to the movement tick away, I’m focused on nothing else and be alone in my thoughts.

If you’ve found your way to my page, you’re likely one of the millions across the globe who share my biggest passion, fragrances. I bet you’re one of those people who spends hours spraying fragrance on to test strips in store, only to get home and forget which strip was which (we’ve all been there). You follow the popular fragrance pages and youtube channels, and luckily for me, your favourite fragrance websites. But do you dig below the surface? Do you know who the perfumer of your favourite fragrance is? Can you identify that one note that you absolutely love? Can your nose recognise high quality ingredients? If not, then like me, you’re forever still learning.

In 2019, i encourage you all to learn a little more about the fragrance youre wearing. Then you’ll finally have a “thing” as you take five minutes of your day to switch off, and indulge yourself in the amazing world of fragrances.