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Neroli Oud by Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger

Today I’m sampling Neroli Oud by Au Pays de la Fleur d’oranger. With dominant notes of neroli, jasmine and oud. I’ve discussed many times with a friend about how we’d love to try a fresh take on an oud fragrance. Well imagine our delight when we came… Read More

Panorama by Olfactive Studio

Today I’m sampling Panorama by Olfactive Studio. With dominant notes of wasabi, cut grass, galbanum and fig leaf. This is a very unique fragrance, it opens very green, citrusy and spicy. I picked up the wasabi note immediately, which stays evident throughout the life of… Read More

Rouge Avignon by Phaedon

Today I’m sampling Rouge Avignon by Phaedon. With dominant notes of rose, raspberry, black truffle, hinoki wood and cocoa bean. In the opening I get a thick and heavy rose, very reminiscent of Rose D’Arabie by Armani Prive to my nose. With it is a… Read More

Z-14 by Halston

Today I’m wearing Z-14 by Halston. This is a new addition to my collection, and I’ll point out that it’s the current formulation. With dominant notes of cinnamon, oakmoss, lemon, cypress and leather. Now I’ll start by mentioning that I’m a huge fan of Italian… Read More

Oriental Mint by Phaedon

  Today I’m sampling Oriental Mint by Phaedon. With dominant notes of peppermint, tobacco and tolu resin. This one opens with a beautiful mint note at the top, I’m a huge fan of the mint notes in fragrances. This is a peppermint note with depth,… Read More

Mojito Chypre by Pierre Guillaume

  Today I’m sampling Mojito Chypre by Pierre Guillaume – part of the Cruise Collection from Parfumerie Generale. With dominant notes of strawberry, mint and lime. As well as stand out notes in the base of oakmoss and patchouli. I had high hopes of this one,… Read More

Autumn 2015 top 10 mens fragrances

So the summer sunshine is long gone, and the weather is getting cooler. Time for a change in your fragrance lineup. As always I’m here to give you all some ideas for the coming months. Once again I found refining my list down to 10… Read More

Top 10 most versatile mens fragrances 2015

Fragrances can be expensive, especially once your nose develops and you start appreciating higher end niche scents. So the smart move would be to own fragrances that you could wear throughout the year, rather than having season specific bottles. Of course that won’t stop me… Read More